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We have the experience and the expertise to provide.

TEL. 977-1-4416226,4411437

PO.BOX 2541 Kathmandu Nepal


Greeting Message

We established Cosmo Trek & Travel in the early 70's to cater exclusively to Japanese clients. Since then, we have managed numerous expeditions and assisted in various projects such as research and even filming of documentaries. Our clientele thus far has been 100% Japanese but as of 2009 we have decided to extend our services and experience to the global market. If superb service, good Japanese food and excellent mountaineering experience are what you crave, then we have the experience and the expertise to provide. My name is Takanobu Otsu and if you have any question regarding traveling and trekking in Nepal, please feel free to contact me. Some of the services we provide are:

1) Expedition- Over 6500m or more.
2) Light expedition
3) Trekking
4) Documentary/Filming

Award of Appreciation by Government of Japan for tourism promotion to Nepal.

Scenery of Pokalha

(Kantipur Publications provides)


Mont-Bell Shop Kathmandu will be closed for the first half of 2020 due to renovation.

  Onishi's dry packaged rice
Cosmo Trek sells dry packaged rice producted by Onishi Foods Japan.
Instant cooking by hot water.
Raw material:ordinary rice(Japan)
Inner capacity:100g
    (finished 260g)
(Please make a reservation if many)

 Rental Pulse oximeter

We can measure arterial oxygen saturation and heart rate by Pulse oximeter. It helps us from altitude sickness.
You can rent this Pulse oximeter from CosmoTrek.Please contuct us.

Cosmo Trek Pvt. Ltd.
e-mail :
Our labatory introduce useful plants of Nepal.

Cosmos Herbal Products
PO.BOX 12306 Kathmandu Nepal
  TEL 977-1-4426556
 Irish Pub Restaurant
Irish Pub Restaurant was open in Lazimpat street. This restaurant is managed by German.
This restaurant provides delicious meal dishes, German beer, and British beer.
 TEL 4416027

Cosmo Trek Pvt. Ltd.

PO.BOX 2541 Kathmandu Nepal

TEL 977-1-4416226,4411437
FAX 977-1-4001674