Extract from The Film (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Rules, 2057 B.S.
(Amendment 2060.)

1. License to produce feature films shall remain valid for three years. As regards other films the license shall remain valid for one year.
2. MIOC can depute a Liaison officer during the shooting of the film and the producer should bear the cost of the Liaison Officer's ground or air transport, accommodation and daily allowance according to rules. In mountainous region necessary clothes, tools and medical facilities should be provided (Non-Refundable).
3. The film producer shall make arrangement for Rs. 3,00,000 worth of life insurance of the Liaison officer covering the entire tenure of outdoor shooting.
4. In case of accidents during the shooting period where the Liaison officer succumbs to injuries the film producer must bear the cost of his/her medical expenses and a lump sum amount decided by the Compensation Decision Committee formed according to law which will not exceed Rs. 200,000.
5. Where the film producer is a foreign national he must apply for permission if the nearest Royal Nepalese Embassy of Consulate General's Office before the public show. Rs. 10,000/- or equivalent of that amount should deposited as a royalty fees in A/C 1-1-5-99 and Rs.500/- for cenosor fees in concerned office.
6. Where the film producer is a foreign national he/she must submit to the MOIC a copy the film free of cost.
7. During the shooting of the film, the presence of Liaison Officer is compulsory.
Procedures for the licensing following documents are necessary:
1. Application form as prescribed by the rules affixing Nepalese postal stamp amounting of NRS.50.
2. Synopsis of the filming story.
3. Crewmembers with bio-data.
4. Equipment list with values for custom clearance.
5. Itenary.
6. Consent letter of concerned organization
* Consent letter of Dept, of Archaeology if filming in archaeological place Kathmandu, Patan, Bhaktapur, Durbar Square, Boudhanath, Pashupatinath, Lumbini, Shoyambhunath etc.
* Consent letter of King Mahendra Sancturary Fund if filming in Annapurna conservation areas.
* Consent letter of Ministry of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation if filming is in upper Mustang and upper Dolpa Paying their fees US $ 5000 per each palces.
* Consent letter fo department of wild life conservation if filming in conservation areas.
* Consent letter of Lumnini Development Found if filming kapilvastu birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha
7. Authorization letter to the travel ajency, as a local representative by the producer.

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