Application from of The Film (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Shooting.

The Secretary
Ministry of Information and Communication
Singhdurbar, Kathmandu, Nepal Date:

I Herby apply for the Permission to Produce the following film in Nepal in accordance with the film (Production, Exhibition and Distribution) Act, 2026 B.E. and the Rules framed under it.

1. Applicant's Name :
Permanent home Address:
Temporary address in Nepal: Cosmo Trek (P) Ltd. Lazimpat ,Kathmandu
2. Passport No.:
Issuing office and date:
3. If the Applicant's is organization or company,
Registration no, date and office address:
4. Proposed Film's:
Type Name:
Language: Technology:
5. Name of the storywriter:
6. If the story was published , publisher name:
7. Song writer's name:
8. Whether the name of the film coincides with the film already produced or proposed film:
Number of artists: Nepali: Foreigners:
10. Number of Technicians:
11. Estimated cost of the film:
12. Aim of film production:
13. Others matters, If any:
14. Locations:
15. Start date of filming:
16. Consent letter from storywriter or his/her heir:
17. Name, address and the name of the chief of Liaison agency:
18. Name and address of the person attached to the Producers:

Signature of Applicant


1. Application Letter to Ministry of Information and Communication.
2. Authorization letter for Liaison Agency
3. Film Shooting equipment list with equipment price.
4. Bio- Data of members shooting team
5. Scenario (Synopsis) of film or documentary
6. Passport Copy
7. Itinerary

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